About me

I love lists, I’m an expert at making lists…

…I’m not very good at actually doing the things on them.

Some of my dreams for the future are to have a garden full of flowers and vegetables and a pretty place to sit and relax with plenty space for wee ones to run around (not much really!!…)

I spoke Gaelic before English

I used to play the guitar

I represented Scotland with our school choir in Ireland at the Pan Celtic Festival and won the prize for best overall choir twice.

My friend and I represented our school with Young Enterprise and got third in Scotland!

Both my grandfathers were weavers

I passed my driving test last year!

I am scared of holding a baby walking up or down stairs, especially slippery ones or steep ones…

I used to have to have all my pens lines up in rainbow colour order with the labels facing up and the lids the right way round…

I crafted before it was “cool” and always will

I rediscovered cross-stitch when I had the chicken pox, at 19, at Uni…

I got stranded at my future in-laws house with my future husband before we were going out… and never looked back!

My husband is a stonemason and I was studying architecture

I love blue… but not really brown

I love birds…

I love to sail but I’ve not been out in years

After years of wanting one, I finally got my own sewing machine at the age of 20. The rest is history (or cushions and clothes…)

I became a Christian at 19.

I have recovered from postnatal depression. It sucks.

Thankfully I’m stubborn as a mule so that may assist the above…

…if my daft sense of humour doesn’t 

I’m often late…

I’m very particular.

I hate wide forks and all soup spoons.

I always eat pudding with a teaspoon.

I am useless at P.E. I just laughed at myself rather than worrying about it…

I’m an island girl through and through.

We used to have several “secret” rocks on the hills around our house and one “breadrock” which looks like a loaf of bread…

I got engaged at 20

Married at 21

DJ at 22

EJ at 23

LJ at 26…

I often think I’ve replied to a text when I’ve only mentally replied… normally to my poor mother, sorry!

My mother often laments that despite the fact I did well in school, I lack her level of common sense. I’d rather the common sense…


Well done if you’ve got down here, I’m impressed! haha!

Welcome to my blog!

Kathelle x