Home Renovation “Before” Part 2

Before I put up any newer photos of the house, I’ll show you the rest of the rooms as they were when we first viewed it (March 2015).  See Home Renovation “Before” Part 1 for the rest of the photos.


First we have the outside of the house, looking very sad and forlorn and somewhat abandoned.




The garden is a great size, the photos hardly do it justice.  The bedraggled looking tree behind the house is our very own plum tree!  It took a lot of raking to get the garden tidied up  and resembling a lawn.


The kitchen is a good size with plenty cupboard and worktop space, however, the layout is not really suitable for a table as the back of the room functions as a corridor.  After several thorough scrubbings with bleach, and tweaking the units slightly, it works well for us now until we can save up for a new one.






You can see a glimpse of the beautifully pink 1980s bathroom in the photo above!  The carpet was discarded before we moved in and we made do with the chipboard flooring until the new bathroom went in a few months ago.


The lightshade is something else…


The old electric shower was ancient and we didn’t trust it to use it, not to mention the badly done plumbing that made it regurgitate.. yuck.  We are SO happy to have a lino and a fully functioning shower now!

Bedroom 3


Just behind the bathroom is the third bedroom, it’s a good size but quite long and narrow.  It is suffering a bit from damp due to a leaky roof but it’s a cozy room and it’ll be great to see it done up.

It’s funny looking back on these photos to see what’s changed and what hasn’t in the course of a year!

See Part 1 for the rest of the house!

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