Renovating the Kid’s Bedroom – Part 1

Work started in earnest on renovating the kids’ bedroom in January 2016.  Their room was the first to be tackled as we really wanted them to have a nice clean and cosy room to sleep in.  The little monkeys had already started stripping the wallpaper, so that gave us a head start of sorts!

Over the last year and a half there has been  a lot of work done on renovating our house by the ever hardworking Mr P and pals (thanks for the help, AJ, Ruairidh, Brian, Dad, Willie and Kyle!)  The original sash and case windows have had a generous dose of TLC, the garden has been gradually tamed and the heating system was replaced in November 2015.

Kids Bedroom Renovation - Before

Kids Bedroom Renovation - Before

These pictures give me the heebies now.  Anyway.  As you can see the ceiling wallpaper was feeling a bit tired and falling away in places, the carpet had a rectangle cut out for who knows what reason, and there was an ancient and live electrical outlet thing on the wall… The actual wallpaper was in excellent condition and had been beautifully done but, eh, it was needing a refresh to put it mildly.

Kids Bedroom Renovating - Before

Kids Bedroom Renovation - Before

Thanks to the original lathe and plaster walls, the wallpaper wasn’t too difficult to take off. Mr P did most of it and I finished off the annoying little bits whilst listening to an audiobook version of Pollyanna, as you do…

Kids Bedroom Renovation - Before

It took about three days to fill in all the holes and dinks and dents and sand it all down again before we could start painting. Mr P went round all the skirtings and switches with decorator’s caulk which made such a difference!  Some bits were really gappy and tatty looking before, as you can see below.


We decided to go for a clay paint instead of ordinary emulsion to let the lathe and plaster walls breathe a bit more.  It’s amazing how little damp there was in the house considering it had been empty for 10 years and presumably unheated for that length of time too.

Earthborn Whisker Renovating

Earthborn Whisker

The walls are painted with Earthborn Claypaint in “Whisker“, which is like a really pale grey with a blueish tint, and the ceiling and internal walls of the dormer are painted in “Fresh Air“, an off white that goes really nicely with the wall colour.  Since DJ & EJ share this room, we chose a light neutral colour so they/we could add bright colours with a rug, duvet covers, pictures etc.   We are really happy with the finish the paint gives, it’s very matte so it hides a lot of dinks in the wall, there are no nasty fumey smells and it goes on the wall really well too.  It was from designerpaint, and although expensive, it was worth it.  The whole room was given a watered down coat of “Fresh Air” to balance out all the orangey plaster repairs.  Two coats of each colour was enough to cover it all and really freshen up the room.

Earthborn Whisker Renovating

Ah carpet… We were very kindly given a small mountain of second-hand, but hardly used, carpet for free!  The one we chose for this room is a pretty pale beige. I don’t think we could’ve got a nicer match if we’d picked it out of a shop.  The only slight problem was that we had to join the carpet in the middle of the room and lay it ourselves… DON’T DO IT.  It’s not worth the frustration, haha!  We got there eventually, but it was a pest of a job.  Anyway, other than that, it looks lovely now with a colourful rug carefully placed.  It’s certainly a thousand times better than the horrible, dirty, disintegrating pink thing that was there before.

Earthborn Whisker Renovating

There’s still a token scrap of flowery wallpaper under the radiator, you can only see it if you look right underneath!  We left it to be like a little clue of the house’s past history, just because.

It took us about two months to get to this stage, starting just before Christmas.  Mr P was working away from home then, and only back at the weekends.  The wee ones were sleeping in the other bedroom so there was no need to hurry too much.   My next post will be about the finishing touches to the bedroom! (I still haven’t taken any proper “finished” photos so that’s a job for this week!)

Cheerio 🙂 x x x


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