Renovating the Kids’ Bedroom – Part 2

 Hi! We’re in the middle of renovating our hundred year old house. If you want to see how the house looked when we bought it, here’s house tour part 1 and part 2.  This post is part 2 of renovating the kids’ bedroom. See here for part 1!
This is the room after the carpet’s been laid and most of the tools tidied away – it’s beginning to look like a bedroom now! We just needed a blind before the wee ones could move back in.

I love this rug we picked for the room – it was so hard trying to find something colourful and not too boyish or girlish since they’re sharing a room.  I also wanted something that they wouldn’t outgrow too fast so I was very happy when i found this one as it ticked all the boxes and it even had some pink for Miss EJ!  I got it from Rughouse – they don’t stock it anymore but Dunelm Mill does.  The chest of drawers is from Argos, it’s part of their old Scandinavia range.  Nothing fancy but it’s solid pine so it takes a knock without looking much the worse for it and there’s plenty space for clothes. (We actually have three of these now…)

Blind and Curtains

The blind we chose for the room is a thermal honeycomb blind from tuiss in crushed ivory. We wanted it to match with the window paint colour as much as possible.  Unfortunately you can’t get that colour anymore, but they’re available now from blinds2go.  We’ve bought two roman blinds from them for other rooms and we’ve been really impressed.   It looks so smart now, especially from outside, and it works well at keeping out some of the drafts – though it doesn’t do a lot for darkening the room…

This little yellow chair was MrP’s when he was wee, DJ and EJ use it now and it’s been found in quite a few funny places.  We’ve kept the beading around the dormer unpainted and it really frames the window area nicely.

If you’ve seen my earlier posts about EJ’s quilt (part 1, part 2) you can see it in her cot, I finished it just after her first birthday.  I haven’t actually taken any proper photos of it yet though…

It took us a while to figure out the best configuration for hanging the curtains.  I really wanted to be make sure the room got as much light as possible and that the original windows were not hidden behind them.  We opted for an aluminium track, from Terry’s Fabrics, and curved it into the room so that they can be fully opened.  The inital idea was to put tie backs at the point where the wall hits the sloped ceiling, but we haven’t done that yet.

The curtains are made from this cool grey and mustard print cotton from Terry’s Fabrics.  The fabric is “Prism” in mineral and it’s no longer available.  I’d never made curtains before so I bought the Craftsy class “Custom Curtains and Draperies” with Susan Woodcock, which really helped.  All the fabric for them was bought at the end of February and the curtains were finished in July.  Morning sickness did not help the production process, haha! They didn’t take all that long to do once I actually got some time, motivation and floorspace to get on with it.  They are interlined with lovely thick fluffy stuff and lined in a cotton sateen.  In hindsight maybe I should have used a blackout lining but I didn’t want them too bulky, and it’s fine with the blind down and curtains shut.  The two work together well help to keep the room warm.

A room is not complete without a view… I love it.

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