Where I’ve been the last 9 months…


Well, it’s been a fair while since I last posted here! A lot has happened to us since then, mainly selling our flat and buying and moving to a new house halfway across the country! We are now residents of the Highlands again and we are very excited to be working on our dream house… There’s a lot to do, but it’ll be worth it!

I’ll keep you updated about our progress and I hope to do lots of ‘before and after’ comparisons!  We’ve been here for nearly 6 months now but we’ve only owned it for 3 months  (long story) so we made the most of a confusing situation and focused on the windows while everything else had to wait… until now.


A roaring fire in our new (old) fireplace.

More photos to follow!

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Hallo! I'm Kathelle, happily married to Mr P. and mum to DJ, EJ and LJ. I am on a mission for a handmade, homemade home! In my (not so plentiful!) spare time I love to sew, watch Jane Austen films and, occasionally, I get some baking done!

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